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In this world, there are beings which live in the corner of the mortal eye, and dance within the elements themselves. There are many names for such beings, across all parts of the world.

You are one such being.

Whom Mortals Seldom See is a solo journaling RPG in which you are one of the mysterious, magical, elemental beings of the world, leaving behind everything you know for a chance at something only mortals can understand.

To play, you'll need a way to write your story as you go, a 4-sided die, and a 6-sided die.

This game contains themes of loneliness, longing, feeling incomplete, leaving home, and finding one's self.

This project was inspired by Undine by  Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué and the art of Arthur Rackham, and was created for the Rackham Jam!


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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You are a fantastical creature, something mortals think only lives in fairy tales. You are shy and powerful and there is something that you Lack and the only way to fill that lack is to be loved by a mortal.

The game is broken down into 3 Acts, and further broken down into Diary Entries. For each entry you roll for your mood, the event that takes place, and for the amount of time that has passed. 

Act 1 focuses on you, your people, and the place you came from. Act 2 has you venture into the the world of mortals seeking your Person. The Final Act is about you and this person until the very end.

The Final Act doesn't explicit tell you what happens to your person, instead it gives you some suggestions like:  you are together until death, a gentle parting or even a big fight, but ultimately the choice is yours for whatever you think is most appropriate.

At the end of each Entry you add 1 to a running tally. For the event roll you then add that tally to your dice number to get the number of the event. When the Event Roll reaches a certain amount, you answer the last prompt and move onto the next Act.

The running tally is an incredible component of the game that insures the player will eventually reach the next Act and doesn't have to completely rely on chance. I really wish more games used something like this because I have definitely been stuck on Acts for too long and unable to move forward.

I wrote about a little gnome who was fascinated with crosswalks, had an 'and they were roommates' situation, opened a fake store, and ultimately had to leave because of the scams they were running.  You can read my playthrough HERE


I really enjoyed this game! It took a moment to figure out the tally mechanic and how it ended an Act, but I thoroughly enjoyed the vibe and the story that came from it. It was very sweet and relaxing to play and I definitely would like to play again some time.


bought this thru the games for Gaza bundle & played this tonight next to my cat. i havent written anything in a while but this had me so inspired, its really well written! fun way to spend my halloween :)


That sounds like such a lovely evening, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


What a wonderful, beautiful game! the motivation of what the non-mortal player seeks as they go through the game, their connection to their world vs how the outside world sees them makes for such interesting writing and a fun character arc!


That's extremely kind of you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!